Friday, June 29, 2012

Gutter Lettuce Juli

I was inspired by a recent pin for hanging gutter lettuce beds. On a very ambitious weekend we got all the supplies for these beds. Did I mention it was the hottest day of summer? Well, the gutters at Home Depot weren't rounded like the picture so that threw me all off. We settled on the squared ones and hoped it would work just as well. We bought one long gutter piece ($6) and three sets of end caps ($5 each) and all the hardware. When we got home and looked at the plans in the boiling sun we opted to skip the hardware to hang the gutters and just go old school and hang it directly on the fence. It's a perfect spot because the lettuce gets lots of sun and if any of the Castro's are swinging on the hammock on the other side of the fence I can spray them with the hose while watering my lettuce. It's a win win situation :) What I like about this method of growing is that it makes it more difficult for the snails and other monsters (aka Lola) to attack your veggies. Also it's easy to just walk up and pick!


Rachel said...

Actually think they're cuter than the rounded gutters. And they're working. you have some nice looking lettuce growing! Enjoy!

Anonymous said... should really do a tutorial on hammer pants and post pics of the 80s party. everybody looked awesome! *gina*

Jes said...

What a great project! Did you just screw them into the fence? Or bolt them? I might just have to copy you. Love it!

Juliana said...

@Gina - Thank you! I didn't even know what I was doing with those pants...the tutorial would be horrible!
I just sort of laid it out, cut a giant crescent shape and put in elastic.

@Jes - On the other side of the fence there are 2x4 support rails so Kit just screwed them into those. It was super easy, and you should totally do it!

Annalee said...

Super easy but is also a very cute decoration! I kill stuff so I may try it with succulents:)