Monday, July 2, 2012

Do I have to smile? Jessica

I'm the worst at memorabilia stuff.  I never keep the stuff I'm supposed to keep, I forget to take pictures of important moments, I never print out the pictures that I do have.

It's okay with me, but sometimes I feel when I found Ian's "first haircut" clippings shoved in the back of one of my dresser drawers...and then Anya asked where hers was.  Ooops.

I think Anya is going to be the type of girl who will remember to keep the important stuff, will take pictures of important moments and will never forget to print out the pictures in her snapfish shopping cart.  She's going to be asking me where all our family pictures are.

Good thing #28 Get Family Pictures Taken is on my list or I probably would have procrastinated longer.

I asked Jason Main Photography to take them for us and we got them done last weekend.  I know we're in good's a few pics of what's he's done in the past for my family.

I do have a few sneak peek pictures of our weekend photo shoot.  Will share them tomorrow!

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