Wednesday, July 11, 2012 Jessica

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with Legos.

I love that it keeps Ian entertained for hours.

I hate that the pieces are always underfoot and that he always wants more, More, MORE.

I love that he made a Lego game out of what he already had; I think he had seen the Lego bard game and re-created it.  

I hate that the board game spaces were one of those tiny little Lego bumps because it meant this game took a LONG time to finish.

I love that the little orange container was to hold your extra guys and keep track of your points.

I love that this game kept them busy for an afternoon with minimal fighting.


Rachel said...

Oh No! I can't get started on the legos relationship we seem to have developed, having never owned one in my life prior to this. haha. we definitely have to have you over, so the boys can play legos if nothing else! ; )

Jessica said...

Funny story about Lego's. About 2 weeks before school ended this year Ian came home and said: "Guess what? Johnny and Leo like Lego's TOO. They play with them all the time!" Apparently no one talked about Lego's because they thought each other would think it's nerdy. They wasted their whole elementary school not talking about Lego's and now they're going to junior high and probably REALLY shouldn't talk about Lego's ha ha.

Rachel said...

To funny! Kids are so...weird. ; ) in a nerdy/cool way.

This morning my "hate" relationship is getting stronger although this actually may be of my own accord... found a piece in the fridgerator, next to the OJ. thinking I picked it up from some other unappropriate place and then put it there. I'm not sure about that though... ugh