Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pictures: Series Jessica

I thought I would easily be able to choose my top 5 photos.  But I can't.  

So I'll start with my top 5 favorites of the kids.

Captures them perfectly, yes?


Cindy Reed said...

Very cute! Love the first one of Anja with the flowers in the foreground. The one of Ian looking back looks like Jill! All of them are great. How many guys get a picture of themselves with light sabers? Amazing! Can't wait to see more.

Jessica said...

Cindy, Ian was disinterested in all the photos BUT the lightsaber one. Thanks for commenting :)

Juliana said...

i love the lightsaber one and the one with Anya rolling her eyes, sassy! Now how about a picture of you?!

Jessica said...

Okay, next batch going up will have some of me and Zack. Though the kids are far more interesting to look at :)

Anonymous said...

These kids are so expressive,it's great! A boy with a lightsaber -dream come trough ;-)