Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Randomness...by Jessica

The kids started school so I'm back to the early morning good ole breakfast/lunch making routine.  Anya is on a cucumber and butter sandwich kick and Ian is still deeply in love with sourdough, turkey, mustard, cheese sandwiches.  Oh!  And mayonnaise.  Can NOT forget the mayonnaise.  

They're old enough to make their own lunches, aren't they?  And breakfast too.  There's lots of things I don't have patience for as a parent, and a lot of ways that I'm failing overall...so I guess if I am making their breakfast and lunch every morning...I'm at least doing one thing each day that was patient and loving for them, right?

(See Anya in the background eating toast with peanut butter and pears; {thanks Dad for the pears!} she is so healthy, while Ian always wants a fried egg, cheese and ham breakfast sandwich.  With loads of Tabasco.)

I'm officially in over my head with garden produce.  I recently acquired 75 pounds of tomatoes from Foggy River Farms - canned 30 pounds worth into sauce one day, and the next my friend Megan and I canned another 45 pounds PLUS a big pile of peppers and lemon cucumbers.  Looks like I've got another busy canning day ahead of me with this new batch!

A gift from Zack.  I love them.   And they've been so helpful with all the crazy lady canning that's been going on.  


Juliana said...

Awe those spanking paddles are so sweet :) Jk (thinking of all those anti spanking people out there) I may have to buy some tomato sauce from you!!

Jessica said...

I won't spank my kids with these for fear of breaking them. I may have some tomato sauce for you as thanks for all your canning supplies :)