Thursday, August 30, 2012

#14 Photography Day Juli

I have always had aspirations to become a good picture taker. When it comes down to it I don't have the patience or skills to actually learn how to use a proper camera. To be honest I am a really good Instagramer. Just the perfect amount of editing that can make any ol boring picture look like a masterpiece. In all honesty I think I am going to Instagram all of my wedding pictures and make a new wedding album, whatcha think? Some of you out there are awesome photographers and I think I am pretty stinkin happy in just admiring your work.

Well up in Quincy I took my dads fancy camera hostage and had a blast with Ruthie taking old ghost town pictures with costumes and everything. She had some awesome shots that turned out way better than mine, so although this was my photography day trip I think you will enjoy her creativity and skill. Next time it will be an Instagram party for me :) I threw in a few I took too {the colored more modern ones} but hers are the ones that are edited looking really vintagey.

Aren't these kids adorable?! Perfect subjects for some amateur photography :)


Jessica said...

LOVE the photos!!!! What did you have to pay Kit to take these pics? Zack would rebel.

Anonymous said...

Way too cute. Good job Juli and Ruthie too!!!!

Anonymous said...

cool photos
looks like you were there in the old west

Alakai's Place said...

Wonderful vintage looking photos. Although I don't
recall anyone wearing sneakers back in the days. Oh well don't mind the details! X-D

Juliana said...

@Jessica - Kit just goes with the flow, Ruthie had already made Joe do it so he couldn't really say no.

Ruthie said...

Juli you are too modest!! You took the ones with me in it! And the sneakers and modern shoes bug me too!! But there was glass all around so better safe then sorry, when in the middle of nowhere, right? It was a supper fun day!!

Bobby Thomas said...

hi were di you guys go for the really cool photos
and i didnt see the sneakers
in tell u said some thing
& yes Safty all ways

Becky said...

I LOVE the pictures!!!