Sunday, September 16, 2012

TP stuck to your feet...and other mundane things

Malia had to do a timeline highlighting one or two significant things that happened to her each year of her life for her social studies class.  Some years we drew a total blank but on further reflection, we realized most of our time was probably spent recovering from a child's birth, enduring sleepless nights, teaching kids how to eat, walk, talk etc.  All good stuff but kind of weird to put on a timeline for school.  Speaking of which Ollie is officially walking.  We spend a lot of time walking behind him wiping up drool and keeping him from poking his eyes out with the pens he insists on carrying.    

Love the t.p. stuck to his clammy feet

He loves our new patio...and his new yo-yo

We do sometimes do other stuff.  Here's a few recents:

We spent the last few weeks indoctrinating the girls about all things Star Wars.  All leading up to the Oakland A's Game followed by Star Wars fireworks.  There was way too much junk food consumed and waiting in line (food, fireworks viewing and public transportation) became the running theme.  But the A's won the game and the fireworks were amazing.

Riding Bart to the game

The other amazing event we found ourselves at this summer was the America's Cup World Series Racing in San Francisco Bay.  If you have the chance to see these boats race in person, you won't regret it.  If you can't swing that at least watch it on tv.  For all you drama junkies, sometimes they even crash, capsize  or someone falls off a boat!

Local team "Oracle" with Alcatraz in the background


Mirjam said...

OK, how can Malia come up with 2 significant things that happened to her each year of her life???? Looks like teachers expect parents to make their kids homework???
I just gave it away... I am not a parent and yet am amazed with the current school system... From my perspective parents go back to school together with their kids...
So this is officially a rant and yet I am just asking/wondering...
Ollie is just the cutest, love the pict with the TP...

Jessica said...

Wow, can Phoebe look anymore like Claire in that picture? And Ollie is well hydrated (clammy feet) :)

Anonymous said...

im with Mirjam on that one
the As game hmm you fans of the As........ hmm love Star wars to.... Bobby

Anonymous said...

Only Jessica would point out that his clammy feet equals adequate hydration! -Good Auntie she is ;-0 Loved Mirjam's rant and rave -too funny! I think kids are Jah's arrangement to keep us educated in the how that math can actually help us with our recipes and to calculate car payments(gulp)
This little guy is too cute & Phoebes is adorable in that pic!

Justine said...

Mirjam. Thank you for your prospective! I didn't even really think about the fact that Malia literally couldn't do it without us. So far she's had two projects that she's needed to take and print out photos. Pretty much necessitating our help. Thanks -M- You're right! I'm getting the full refresher course on pre-algebra. I might actually learn and remember something this time around!