Wednesday, October 31, 2012

#10 & #29 check and Juli

Today is the day that I stared one of my greatest fears in the face and poked its eye. As to why I like to torture myself I don't know, but #10 {watch a movie alone} was one that I knew I had to do, but dreaded with every bone in my body. Here's the thing, the word on the street is that eating alone and going to the movies alone are the bomb diggity. I beg to differ. It's weird. Since I attempted eating alone {here} it was time I try the other, here's how it went down:

All morning I mentally prepared myself for the ordeal, I mean movie. Would I walk up in a disguise as if I was holding up the bank in exchange for my movie stub? Or shall I nonchalantly strut in with my apple bottom jeans with the fur like I owned the place. I settled on going as a scared puppy who just realized he had been torn away form its mother and shipped to Nebraska.  Yes, a scared puppy shall do. I walked to the ticket booth, "One for Chasing Mavericks, eh uh, yep just one, just me all by myself" After getting my ticket I started to walk away as if I was a teenager who just got their  braces off. "Oh maam, no outside food" Huh? Oh great I have been caught. So back to the car I went to leave my food. {I know, I know, why didn't I hide it like most people do? Remember? Scared puppy} At the point that I was himming and hawing at my car, I thought, should I make a break for it? Here's my chance!...Nope my ego couldn't do it. So I emptied all of the contents of my tiny bag so I could shove five pounds of Munchies/potato chips/rice crackers in with room to spare for my phone and keys. I dashed into the theater with a quick one-two hoping I could go unnoticed. I walked down the long dark corridor as if I was walking to the electric chair. When I am in the theater I make the turn and only see one tiny bald head at the very tip top of the theater and then a sea of empty seats. Yep thats right ladies and gentlemen there were 2 of us in the theater, alone. The upside was that I had all the cup holders a girl could want and there was no sasquach obstructing my view. The downside was there was no one to get cozy next to or any gal pals to make funny faces at when Gerard Butler got that glisten in his eye. At one point a random guy walked into the theater and looked at the "crowd." I felt as if I needed to explain the scenario but I quietly refrained. I survived the whole movie and then made a quick exit through a side door, why the side door? I don't know it just seemed right for the situation. All in all I can see why mothers like the opportunity to escape from the constant nagging of their offspring but as for me, until I am in the predicament, I will be going to the movies with multiples of three or four.

Now the second thing I got to cross off was #29 - see the Mavericks surf competition. Now I don't know if you knew this, or if you even care, but I was reeeeaaalllly into the surfing scene in my late teens. I had Kelly Slater and Rob Machado posters on the wall, surfboards propped in every corner, surfer magazine subscriptions, surf lessons in La Jolla, wetsuit and all. The whole culture sucked me in and begged me to live in Hawaii driving a V-Dub livin the beach bum life. Reality eventually caught up with me, but I will always have a special place in my heart for the surf. Now Mavericks is a big wave surf competition held right close to here near Half Moon Bay. I had always dreamed of skipping out of town when the news flashed that the race began. Well it never happened and now due to a rogue wave that wiped out a bunch of spectators back in 2010 there are no spectators allowed on the beach. Maybe there is somewhere else you can watch, I don't know. I didn't know this fact when I put it on my list so I justified crossing #29 by watching a movie about the infamous break. It was an awesome movie that you could take any young grom dude to see. The added bonus was Gerard Butler was one of the main characters {rawwwr}. 

I killed two birds with one stone...Boooyyyeeeaaaahhh!


Jessica said...

Okay first of all, that picture - ha ha ha ha - you totally look like a scared puppy. Congratulations on going to the big bad scary movie by yourself.

Becky said...

Good for YOU!!!!!!!! That is awesome to conquer something! Maybe I should start going to the movies alone... it actually sounded kinda peaceful!

Alakai's Place said...

Hahahahahaha!!! I'm sorry but that face is classic!

I gotta see that movie too. If you are really into the surf scene you might want to rent or buy "Riding Giants" There is a short doc on Mavericks and how it was "discovered". I think you'd be impressed.