Thursday, November 15, 2012

Two Lemons Four Juli

Last night I was feeling particularly domestic and "thrifty." I wanted to make lemon curd because, um hello, its AMAZING on EVERYTHING! I also wanted to get every ounce of goodness from those golden drops of sunshine. With a little "pin" research I came up with some good uses for lemons. I literally only had two lemons but got a lot of use out of those little guys!

My Kryptonite

I used 3 of the left over peels to scrub down my wood cutting board exfoliating it with table salt and baking soda. I couldn't see any immediate results but this morning when I looked at the lemons {that were waiting to get pulverized in the garbage disposal} they were black! Pretty scary!

Apparently lemon juice is good periodically for your stubborn blemishes. Recently I have noticed my forehead a little less happy (I think the bangs are to blame} so I rubbed down my face and let the juices soak in for about 20 minutes {this is the time to scrub down the cutting board}. After rinsing my face did feel smooth but as for being a miracle...? Eh, we will have to see.

Last but not least, it is always a good idea to spoil Mr. Garbage disposal with a little clean spin. It makes your kitchen smell divine :)

Does anyone else have any tricks up their sleeve for left over lemons?

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Alakai's Place said...

I do that for the disposal too. But didn't know that for the cutting board. Nice tip! The zest I believe you can use it for sauces like ponzu. I have used it for marinades too.