Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Heath...Not the chocolate.....by Justine

I LOVE Heath bars, don't you?  I really love Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch.  My other favorite "heath" is Heath Ceramics in Sausalito.   Heath Ceramics is well known for its mid-century modern ceramic tableware, including "Heathware," and architectural tiles, and has been operating in Sausalito since 1948.

For literally years I've been wanting to visit Heath's Factory, Showroom and Outlet in Sausalito and finally did it! You can too.  On the weekends they have factory tours and of course there's the factory seconds and overstock store.  I couldn't resist buying a coffee mug so I can imagine I'm at my all time favorite coffee spot, Cibo.

Apparently they have a new location in San Francisco with a "viewing court" - I think you can watch them create their signature tiles, and a Blue Bottle Cafe.  For all of you vegans out there, I noticed they are having a food demonstration and book signing with the author of "Pure Vegan"on October 13th if you happen to be in the City.  You can find details {here}.

However you have your "heath", enjoy!

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Jessica said...

I love Heath stuff, I found a huge Heath platter along with a matching bowl at a garage sale and I was SO SO SO SO sad when I accidentally broke the bowl. It was the most perfect size and shape :(