Saturday, December 22, 2012

#5 & #6, don't die of Juli

It has been a reeeaaalllyy reeeeaaalllyy long time since I wrote a post. Don't worry, every time I turn on the computer my homepage advertises the fact that I haven't posted for weeks and weeks and it makes me feel sickingly guilty. So here goes.

I officially hit the big 3-0 a few weeks ago and have been basking in delight over how amazing my life is right now...pishaaaw! Who am I kidding? I feel exactly the same as I did 10 years ago! I say you feel as old as you make yourself feel. I know some 50 year olds that have been acting like they are 80 for the past 20 years. Then I know some 85 year olds that have more energy than me and are looking forward to the next adventure. I hope to be latter. This year has been amazing and I have had so much fun with my 30 before 30 list. Since the beginning of the year I had all the greatest intentions to finish all of my 30's before 1/01/2013. Well I am down to the last week and feeling the urge to bust out as many as I can. Today I officially checked off 2 more:

#5 Make a Roast Beef Dinner
I intended to have my mom walk me through the process but at the spur of the moment I decided to surprise the hubs with a nice dinner and roast beef seemed to be the ticket. Traditionally we have our roast with roasted potatoes, yorkshire pudding, peas and gravy. Oh and of course japanese sticky white rice. I almost did it like my mom, but I did mashed potatoes instead. The yorkshire pudding was a challenge since I had never made it before, and although it was good, it was no where near the decadence my mom makes. Overall the meal just wasn't as good as mom's. Oh and by the way although there are still only two humans in our household I still cook for a family of 9. Gotta get that under control.

#6 Host a Crafting Party
Once again my big plan was to invite a million little girls to come over so that they could run around with sharp scissors and jam my sewing machine with needles, but that never happened. Oh darn. So instead {to my exquisite delight} I had an intimate sewing day with my niece Anya. She made an adorable apron with fabric she chose out my stash {I am a fabric hoarder, yikes}. I barely had to instruct her before she was zipping away on the machine. I showed her the importance of ironing and pinning your piece and she was very very careful to pull the pins out before it passed through the needle. I remember my mom teaching me to sew and I seriously feel like it was life changing {a little dramatic, I know}. Having the power to create something uniquely your own is something I enjoy and I am glad to spark that interest in my little padawan. 

Good job Anya!

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Jessica said...

I wish mom taught me how to sew. boo hoo. I guess it's not too late, but now I'm not interested. I probably never was that's why she didn't teach me. Right?