Monday, December 3, 2012

Garage Sale Fundraiser!

A friend of mine sent me an email about a Fundraiser Garage Sale that's been held for a friend of theirs, Jason Prudhomme who has been diagnosed with cancer and is dealing with chemo, a transplant surgery and other not so fun stuff.  I thought I'd pass on the information if any of you have closets that need cleaning out and would like to donate it to the garage sale for Jason and his family.

Please join us in helping the Prudhomme's with a Garage Sale Fundraiser! 

  Donation Dropoff Details
Have any items you'd like to donate?

Please drop off any items to be sold at the garage sale:
Dates: Wednesday 12/5 or Thursday 12/6  
Location: 6824 Montecito Ct. Santa Rosa, CA

They said that all donations are appreciated no matter how large or small!  
(Okay...maybe not an elephant!)

Sale Details: 
Dates: Friday 12/7 from 7:30am - 5:00pm 
Saturday 12/8 from 8:30am - 4:00pm

Location: 6824 Montecito Ct. Santa Rosa, CA

Come by, say hi and buy some stuff! 
ALL proceeds will be given directly to Jason & Monique.

Spread the word, let's have an amazing fundraiser and get them some cash! 

If you have any questions, thoughts or other suggestions please feel free to
Call Bonnie at 707-539-3167 or cell 707-291-8340
Email Jessica at eric_jess at

Here is a link to Jason's blog that gives more info on his leukemia as well as the treatments he has been having and how the family is doing.

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Jessica Boudreau said...

Thanks so much Jes for posting this! We are hoping for a huge success and it will take the whole community, some donating and others scooping up the deals! Jason and Monique are such great people and were both born and raised in Santa Rosa. They have two adorable kiddos, Madison, age 6 and Tyler, age 4. They have to uproot themselves and move down to S. Cal for at least 100 days while Jason gets his big treatment so this sale is to help out with added expences from renting a place, medical bills and to cover loss of income. Thanks in advance for everyones help and support!