Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cooking Mama....by Justine

Pinterest has kind of ruined me for blog posting.  If I find a recipe I will pin it and save it on my food board.   Sometimes I might even change the comment ;-) But for the blog's sake, I'll try to post a some recipe reviews here for all you food lovers. 

After a much needed shopping trip to my local Asia Mart, I hope to share some recipe reviews from  Charles Phan's (San Francisco's Slanted Door Restaurant) Vietnamese Home Cooking.  If you haven't gotten a chance to eat at Slanted Door, I highly recommend it!  Since I can't walk down the street to eat there every night I thought I learn some of his secrets and try to replicate some of his yummy food.  A friend has volunteered her mom to teach us some other Vietnamese recipes so hopefully I'll share some of that too.

 In the meantime, my other current favorite recipe source is good ole Cooking Light Magazine.  Amazingly it seems that all of their current recipes are also available online. Here's a link to tonight's recipe Spicy Thai Basil Chicken lettuce wraps. 

I had to leave out the chili peppers because of some sensitive kiddie tongues so we mixed up our own sauces made with a combo of soy sauce, sweet chili and chili garlic sauces and each person customized their heat.  Here's what they look like in case you don't have them in your fridge...you really should...just saying!

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Juliana said...

We seriously need to have a Vietnamese cooking lesson!!! that would be so much fun!!