Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Fox & A Juli

Do you ever hear someone say something about your house that you never noticed before and then every time you walk past that thing it just bugs you? One time this friend said it looked like I had Christmas presents hanging on my walls in the bathroom and since then all I wanted to do is put a cheap plastic bow on them and call it a day. Enough was enough and I needed to change it up. Here's how it went:

My "pin-speration"

 I very rarely have a completely newly invented creation, yeah I just steal other peoples ideas and adapt them to my liking. I also ombre died a shower curtain but you will have to use your imagination on that one. Overall my bathroom is very happy!


Anonymous said...

great Job
look really good

jessica Boudreau said...

Did you just eyeball recreating the owl and fox? Great job. Wanna come to my house and help? I've lived here 5 years and have nothing hanging in my bedroom or hallways.