Friday, January 25, 2013

Flashback Jessica

Did we ever share this picture?  I'm sure we did.  
I'm so happy that I have these girls in my life.

I've been MIA, haven't I?  
I've been in a slump.  Emotionally fragile.  Part of my problem is my creativity has been shut down and I haven't been able to push it back out and open up.  Troups need to express their creativity or they shrivel up and die, I'm pretty sure of it.

I can't even write this one little post and make it interesting.  

I'll pull out of it.

Gosh, this post sounds depressing. It's not as bad as it sounds ha ha, I've just got to get back to writing about the funny stuff that happens in our life. 

Here's something funny.  Before going on the Nate Berkus show I ate a small amount.  (Oh be quiet, you would have too).  Well, after we were done filming I was hungry!  So we went to a hot dog place and I didn't understand the guy and somehow ended up with two hot dogs.  I ate them both.  And my stomach hurt so bad.  And then we ate sidewalk chocolate and it hurt even worse.  

Sidewalk chocolate?  Now that's a funny story.


Juliana said...

Awe, what great memories! It was so funny when you were pacing the halls of Nate Berkus in nervous anticipation. "What's he gonna ask?!?" "What will I say?!" Good times :)

Jessica said...

Ha! I just don't do well in awkward stressful situations! Too much for me to handle. I did great when I had to do all the emailing, getting ON the show. The actual show was TOO MUCH PRESSURE. ha ha ha

Jessica said...

i don't mean I did ALL the emailing. I know everyone had their share of that ha ha

Anonymous said...

That's a great pic of you guys!

Anonymous said...

Such a good picture of you guys!!! Definitely one of the best trips!


Becky said...

I love this post... I'm having the SAME problem right now, proven by the lack of new posts on my blog! The story of the food is great, that's something I would have done... with the same results! :)