Wednesday, January 16, 2013

31 before Juli

Have you all been on pins and needles eagerly anticipating what the J sisters had in store for 2013?!?! Well I am not quite sure what 2/3 of the  J sisters are doing but 1/3 of this clan is gonna storm the 2013 castle like it's nobodies biz-naz!

Since I had so much fun with my 30 before 30 list I decided to do it again. Surprisingly it wasn't too hard coming up with 31 new things that I wanted to accomplish. Like last year there isn't going to be anything too crazy or expensive (ok, #17 is going to be really expensive). All of the things on my list are things that have flashed into my noggin and I think, "hey that would be fun" but I demand "woulds' turn into "wills."

So here is what 2013 is going to look like at the Fox house:

1. Learn to juggle
2. Ride a tandem bike
3. Do a mud/color/bubble run or a 10k
4. Try to get to San Francisco using as many different forms of transportation possible {weird I know...but it oddly sounds really fun to me}
5. Successfully use a skill saw and build something amazing
6. Weld something
7. Make Instagram books
8. Learn how to make chicken and dumplings {request from the hubby}
9. Hike another section of the Pacific Crest Trail
10. Transform my back yard from a dump to a paradise
11. Buy a juicer
12. Refinish my picnic table
13. Transform a free item from craigslist and sell it for profit
14. Have a pretend wedding photo shoot with the hubs {never got engagement photo's & kinda always didn't like my wedding pictures}
15. Eat at Scopa
16. Host a progressive dinner party
17. Travel to a foreign country
18. Start a progressive Bible study
19. Go geo caching
20. Build a tumbling composter
21. Host a family dinner at my house {yes all of the 25+ of them}
22. Really really make an emergency preparation kit
23. Charter a boat and go ocean fishing
24. Make a quiet book for Ollie
25. Build a fire pit
26. Buy a figure flattering swimsuit I actually feel comfortable wearing with no regard to cost {this also entails attaining a body that is fit for a swimsuit}
27. Go to an antique auction
28. Make a family recipe book
29. Have a Star Wars movie marathon {Yikes, this is actually on the underachievers list above...oops}
30. Plant a gingko tree
31. ....?

I have purposely left #31 on my list blank because like last year I know something else will come up that I want to add to the list.

So how about all you readers? Do you have any special plans this year?!?


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Jessica said...

Nice list. Maybe they will get the train up and running this year.