Monday, February 4, 2013

#11 & Fat, Sick & Nearly Juli

Aren't we all looking for the easy fix to make our skin clear up, our waistline shrink and our energy sky rocket?! After hearing so much about the benefits of juicing I decided that it was time the hubs and I invested in our own green machine. My mom handed us down a very basic juicer from a workmate for us to experiment on but I found that after juicing, the left over pulp was sopping wet with juice. What's up with that? I was overwhelmed by the choices of juicers but I knew I needed a quality one that would give us the most juice without breaking the bank. After doing some research I found out that cold press juicers are the best because they slowly extract the juice so that the juice isn't warmed hence killing vital nutrients. An example of a cold press juicer you may be familiar with is the "champion." With all my thriftyness going on I knew I would scour craigslist for my jewel. I settled on an older juicer called the Oscar Living Juicer. So far we are madly in love with it and it makes my heart proud when I see the hubs making himself a juice. One great thing about it is that it can do wheatgrass that many other juicers cannot do. Another great thing is that it has attachments so that you can make pasta, and paste's (like dates etc.) You can even make your own sesame seed oil!

Ironically our netflix que worked its way down to the documentary "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead." I highly encourage all of you to watch it! It is absolutely amazing the transformations that take place with simply deleting processed foods and fully absorbing nutrients. At the end of the movie I was so moved I jumped off the couch leashed up the bear and took her on a hike. The next time I feel like falling off the deep end I am going to watch this trailer and juice up! {PS...Kit just suggested we do a 10 juice fst...who is this guy?!}


Rachel said...

Brent watched this then said he was going to juice for 10 days, then made me watch it then said I needed to juice for 10 days. Something is so motivating and horribly real about this that it motivates people that so often the last the jump on a bandwagon! Oh and we did it for 5 days, ( I couldn't stick to it, I get dizzy and people tell me to eat) but we continuted to juice 2 meals a day for another week

Jessica Boudreau said...

So with all your research you did... do you think juicing is better then like blending with a Vitamix? I dont have one but have always wanted one!

Jessica said...

Rachel, I also lasted 5 days. Tried to do 10 but was so hungry. Day 3 was what i'm assuming was "toxic release" day because I got a horrible headache and stomachache, then went to the bathroom (TMI sorry) and felt like a new person after that.
Jessica - Zack says the Vitamix lacerates the cells whereas juicing masticates which leaves the cells intact. The metal blade also oxidizes the juice quicker. The only gain you get with a Vitamix is the extra fiber.
So there. From the mouth of a juicing vegan.