Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Taming the crafty beast....by Justine

I loved Jes' post about needing to have an artistic outlet every once in a while.  I wish mine was as easy to clean up as her writing is!  I love crafty things with beautiful fabric or paper but projects involving them tend to be a bit messy.  I tried to be content with a "digital" craft but alas the lure of the fabric store and unending Pinterest ideas won out.

Witness the great fabric splurge of 2012: 

Ahhh.  A thing of beauty, no?

Reality set in though as I attempted to spend one Friday evening sewing and instead spent it putting children to bed and back to bed and back to bed again.  Then, as I can't stay up all night like I could in the "olden days" the project sat unfinished on the dining room table until I couldn't stand it anymore. 

It's not all I had hoped for or planned but it was fun and we all have new library or meeting bags.  And I have a nice little stash for when inspiration and opportunity meet again.

For Malia of course

I LOVE my new library bag.  Actually it was meant to be a gift but I couldn't bear to part with it.  Sorry, anonymous person...maybe I can make you another one??


Jessica said...

Love your fabric choices! Everytime I see something you guys make, I want to learn how to sew!!! But not really, I'd be lame at it.

Anonymous said...

You are so creative. Wished I could sew. With baby on the way I should take up sewing...hm...


Jessica Boudreau said...

Justine these are just beautiful. You could sell them! Or were they too much work?