Thursday, February 21, 2013

Honey Boo Juli

Every single spring since the day I was born I become an itchy, sneezy, fatigued, grumpy beast. When everyone else is rolling around in the poppies with their flowy white dresses and perfectly pink lips.  I am home in my bubble with my box of kleenex and eye drops within arms reach, puffy and goopey {too far?} Seasonal alergies are from the devil, its a fact. This year I refuse to become a victim of abusive pollens and use the super powers of local honey so that I can join all you poppy rollers.

So here's the deal, its not a medical fact but I have heard a million times over that if you eat local honey you can help relieve seasonal allergies.

This may be an old wives tale but I figured giving it a try wouldn't hurt. Except for the fact that I don't think a big 'ol spoonfull of honey tastes all that great, it tastes like bee's butt. Ewww.... Apparently for it to be effective you need to start at least a month before allergy season and have a spoonfull everday. Also the honey needs to be local, not California local, but Santa Rosa {or wherever you live} local. I am really hoping this works, but if we see me in April and my nose has a pinkish chapped hue, you will know. Fail.


Becky said...

Ugh... I'm sorry, that must be terrible. I don't have allergies (I know, I'm blessed!) but my husband has awful ones ever since we came here from LA. I totally see how debilitating it can be. We really like Hector's honey from the farmers market. The great thing is that there are so many flavored honeys now, hopefully you will find one you like!

Anonymous said...

1 Q. for you will it say
local California or local Santa Rosa
on it and do let us know if it work


Jessica Boudreau said...

You known you can buy local pollen too, does the same thing, not sure what it tastes like. Maybe whole foods has it? I love your drawing too, you're so talented.