Friday, March 1, 2013

Fire Jessica

I had a super realistic dream last night:  

Our house caught on fire in the pantry (I know why I would dream this.  Zack put a new light in there and when I flip the switch there is a slight delay.  Don't know why.) and when I saw the flames I yelled "Great!  I don't even know where the fire extinguisher is!"  

Thank goodness for the kids!  

They yelled: "We do!  It's in the laundry room!" and one of them raced off and got it and gave it to me and I said "Great!  I don't even know how to work this thing!"  And Justine was there and she grabbed it from me:  "I do!"  Extinguished the fire.


I woke up and immediately thought "Great!  I really DON'T know where the fire extinguisher is in the house".

I told the story to Zack and he asked the kids separately, just an off hand question "Hey.  Do you know where the fire extinguisher is?"  And they both didn't bat an eye, skip a beat, nothing - just said "Yeah.  In the garage."  

Still wasn't ringing a bell with me.  And Zack knew it.

"Where in the garage?"  he asked.

Both of them knew.  It's right next to the door leading out to the garage.

And now I know too. 

{Great.  I don't know what my fire extinguisher colour code is}


Mirjam de Rijk said...

Thanks for the funny post. I will use this subject for one of my Real Estate Blog postings. Never thought about that but right when people move in is when they usually do things around the house. Very few people have fire extinguisher installed in their homes...

Juliana said...

The situation is just as bad if not worse at our house. 1. We don't own a fire extinguisher 2. We threw the smoke detector in our shed cuz it was going off one day and wouldn't stop. We're toast. Literally.

Jessica said...

Oh Juli. Get a smoke detector. Didn't Lola rouse you from a smoky stove once or something???

Anonymous said...

thank for the fire extinguisher colour code didnt know. for me i
would just call some one like umm Trevor or 911