Monday, February 11, 2013

My Jessica

Anya and Zack have very similar temperaments.  Recently I went in Anya's room and I could tell she was searching for something.  Found out she'd lost something important (in a really quick time frame) and I sighed in exasperation "Anya!  Seriously?!" and she put her hand on her hip, got a calm (stubborn) little look on her face and said "Mom.  I will find it." and stood there and looked at me with that face until I retreated and shut the door.  

Now if the roles had been reversed and Ian lost something I would find him in his room writhing on the ground, hands clenched over his face saying "Mooooom!  I can't find it.  I can't find it. I can't find it.  I think you must have MOVED it because it was right there and now it's gooo-one" and I would fling myself around his room in a frenzy, flinging things around saying "I can't believe you LOST it Ian.  That's important and you lost it!  And you're room is a PIGSTY, it's no wonder you can't find ANYTHING...oh look here it is!" and then he'd leap up from his tormented position on the ground and he'd fling himself to me in a hug "Oh MOM you found it, you're the BEST!" and then we'd whoop and high five and go on with the day.  

Thank goodness we have Anya & Zack because can you imagine(??!) if we were all like us?  And thank goodness Anya & Zack have us because their lives would be bo-oring without us (or so we tell them).


Anonymous said...

I love it! Great post. You really should do some writing for somewhere sometime. You're really good at it.


Jessica said...

Thanks M. Writing clears my head. Creative outlet. Helps organize my thoughts.

Jessica Boudreau said...

Yes we all enjoy your writing. I still have a hard time picturing the kids grown up. You really need to come visit so then maybe I would picture them more grown up. There is so much fun to do here. Winter skiing or snowboarding, summer in rocky mtn national park, see the elk.

Jessica said...

Thanks Jess. It happens so quick; kids getting older (and yet so slow). I need to start watching the airfares more closely and jump on a good deal. That's the only way I got Zack to go to Disneyland. What airport would we fly into. Denver?

jessica Boudreau said...

Yup Denver, southwest usually has the best deals about 89 each way once in a while it goes down to 69-79 each way, that includes 2 bags each. And if ya sign up for southwest credit card they have an annual fee of like $50-60 but they give u enough points for usually 2 roundtrip flightS.