Saturday, March 2, 2013

I went on a field trip with Ian.  We walked from his school into town to a small theater for a jazz thing; it's less than a mile and a pleasant walk.  Once I got there, the place was kid mayhem.  Other schools were already there lined up and buses were all in a row parked in front of the place.  

My space bubble was compromised.  
A kid sneezed on my arm.  

The person in charge of seating was frazzled - told all of us parents we needed to stand in the back and wait for seating to open up.  

Seating never opened up.

I was standing there, leaning up against the wall - just kind of uninterested in the whole thing.

And as I stood there, I realized - hey! - I don't have to stand here. 

So I snuck out the door and walked to the coffee shop, bakery and bookstore.  How pleasant it was to sit and eat a donut muffin, drink a cup of coffee and read for an hour.

Then I snuck back in, walked the kids back to school and was done with my student supervision duties.

Funny story: Ian told me later in the day that one of his friends had said they "thought his mom was pretty".  Ian's response: {weird, baffled look on his face} - "You're kidding, right?!"  like how could you think that horrible, horrendous beast, aka my mom, is pretty


Rachel said...

can't they ever see us for the gorgeous women we are? hahahaha but seriously you are. well, maybe not when you're doing the "mom beast, crazy eye" look, but still, pretty cute!

Anonymous said...

way to go Jessica was it Starbucks
and i do agree with Rachel on thant point to,

Alakai's Place said...

Amusing...very amusing!