Thursday, May 30, 2013

What'cha Doin? Justine

Never a dull moment and this morning is no exception.  Here I am vacuuming the inside of my washing machine.

What?  You don't do that?!  Well you know me!  The clean freak.  Oh just kidding.  This is due to the unfortunate mishap of a disposable diaper making it's way into the washing machine.  And you thought the last time you left a tissue in a pocket was bad.  Imagine 5 million times worse.  You're going to have to trust me because late last night when I discovered it I didn't have the presence of mind to take a picture of the actual mess.  In case you don't know, diapers are filled with millions of little gelatinous balls that absorb moisture and when a diaper explodes in the washer guess where all the little balls go?  Yes. EVERYWHERE.  Don't even ask if it was a poopy diaper or not. 

Long story short, poor Hubby strung up some line in the garage and shook out the laundry while I tackled the clean up of the actual washer.  Poor guy.  This was after a week of sewer pump malfunctions in our Granny Unit from the improper disposal of something down down the toilet - which he had to fish out...twice. 

Eventually I gave up on my task and decided that cleaning the washer in the morning after the little balls dried would be easier.  Now there is a gritty film of diaper innards stuck to the drum.  Hmmm...maybe not such a great idea after all.

In case you are wondering, I googled how to clean up after diaper/washer disaster and got such varied answers that we were forced to go with our gut.  Throwing the whole kit and kaboodle in the dryer and then cleaning lint filter seemed risky as did just rewashing the load with salt(??)!

Well, off to run a rinse cycle and hope that does the trick.  Let's hope this NEVER happens again!


Rachel said...

oh what a week this is, everywhere I look, everyone is having one just like me. hang in there

Justine said...

Amazing how consoling it is that you are not alone in your misery, huh Rachel? Your water back on I hope!?

Jessica said...

Oooh that sounds sooo awful. Time to get the boy potty trained. Well that will be another week of great stories to tell as well :)

Juliana said...

I am so glad I wasnt theone that did that load of laundry...thats sounds like a horrible day, sorry :(

CoriLynn said...

Well that is just a whole lot of no fun. Eeek!