Sunday, January 17, 2010

Giant Squid & Broken Jessica

Zack went squid fishing this weekend. I imagined squid fishing to be done with nets, scooped up in big globby messes. But they are huge and caught with a fishing pole. The majority of the fish he brought home was cleaned and cut into steaks, but he did bring a whole one home for us to see. It was GIANT! Maybe 3' long and 20 pounds or so. VERY impressive. I really wish I had a picture to show you all, but apparently a camera can't take being tossed into a backpack without a protective case, get slammed around on a boat, get soaked wet through and through and still work okay. Strange, huh? We'd already learned only about 4 months ago that a camera shouldn't be used by me wearing high heels, eating a cookie, standing on a concrete floor, talking on my phone while trying to take a picture. Disastrous combination for the camera. So, pictures may be a little sketchy from me until I get my camera situation resolved. Good thing my cookbook has several squid recipes; hoping to try one out soon!

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