Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bookstore Jessica

I am so glad my children are at the age where we can go to the bookstore and they plop themselves down with a pile of books and we can stay for a good hour or two. I love bookstores, though I hardly ever buy new books. I love perusing the racks, writing down names & authors, then saving books at the library to borrow. My bookstore purchases that are new are limited to books that I've read before and loved and would definitely be read over and over again. And oh JOY of JOYS if that book can be found at the thrift.

Zack is not a lib
rary man. It's taken 13 years to convert him. And it only happened because he wanted to buy a book that was $24.95 and I convinced him to let me get it for him at the library. So after only a couple of days of waiting for it to get transferred, I picked it up, brought it home, he read it, I took it back and it cost him $0.00. Although, at the bookstore he does tell me the books he wants on the sly; I think he thinks it's cheating Copperfields to be writing down the books we want and then getting them at the library.

Bookstores are tempting little places though. There was a discount table with books and bookmarks for 50-75% off. I am beginning to realize the mindless little purchases I make when I'm not "allowed" to make any new purchases. I was tempted to buy a notebook that was very discounted, but I think I wanted to buy it only because IT WAS VERY DISCOUNTED. I think that's more of my challenge than necessarily "buying new".


bobby thomas said...

it's not cheating, it's saving you $$$$$$$

Justine, Jessica & Juliana said...

I am glad to see Anya is using her umbrella! ... Juli

Justine, Jessica & Juliana said...

Yes, umbrella is used even on the brightest sunny days "just in case, mom"!...Jessica