Thursday, February 18, 2010

And I thought we had it Juli

This past Wednesday we ventured down to the
California Academy of Sciences, and we had a BLAST.
But do you know what I was impressed with the most and what
I keep thinking of (other than our awesome lunch)? This:
This is the awesomest (it's a real word in my dictionary)
public garbage can I have ever seen.
It really made me ponder just how well I was doing at
placing my garbage in it's proper home.
Now all I have to do is find some used (yuck!)
garbage cans to institute this at my house wont that be fun........

On a side note, I would like to introduce to you all a documentary
that I discoveredthat puts our commitment to shame!
It's called 'No Impact Man', check out the trailer!

So I have this movie coming in the mail and I think we should get together,
share some recipes and watch it!!!
Whatcha think?!?!? Anyone else intrigued?
Am I going overboard with the green-ness?


Jessica said...

Please don't buy used garbage cans for this. That's too much. I think it's okay to buy garbage cans, it kind of falls into the category of a re-usable coffee mug. Something you're going to use so that it reduces the amount you throw away.
I'm in for the documentary. Let me know what recipe you're doing... :-)

Robyn said...

Juli, I would love to watch this movie with you. Let me know when I can come over.

Justine said...

It's like throwing something away at whole foods. I stood there so long trying to figure it out someone finally told me what to do! Yes , lets do dinner and a movie!

Juliana said...

Ok, so the movie is supposed to come in the mail on Saturday, so we can either watch it that night or Sunday. Which is best for everybody? I looked through my book and I want to make Lasagna with Chard for you all. Any one want to make a salad? A dessert? an appetizer?

Justine said...

I can't do either night :-(

Juliana said...

Progressivly through the day my tickle in my throat is errupting into a full blown cold. So I think I better be safe and save it for another day. Sorry people :(

Justine said...

Aagghhh! I'm sick too!

bobby thomas said...

We should all learn to do so in the NS we all are going Green, Justine, Julie hope you Both get Better soon

Robyn said...

Hello, only just now read the invite for tonight or tomorrow night. Whenever you want to is fine...perhaps we wait for the sickies to get better? Let me know (call me).


Juliana said...

I am sorry I couldnt wait! Being sick with no cable left me no choice to watch it. But it is worth seeing twice!!! You guys will love it! I think we will have to get together next week or weekend.