Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shopping Pays! Justine

I went to Macy's on Saturday and boy did it pay off! Okay, before you get your knickers in a knot, hear me out. All the J's agreed that makeup was on the approved list for the year and since Malia wanted to know why part of my eyebrow's were missing, I thought it was time stop my current method of making do with my eyeliner pencil (I know, that's just wrong!) and get my favorite eyebrow pencil from Mac. So with patchy eyebrow and shopping blinders on I ventured into the dangerous world of the MALL. Now for the exciting part. On my way into Macy's just lying on the sidewalk, minding it's own business was a $10 Bill! I told you. Shopping Pays! I would have taken a picture of it...but I can't find it now. Hmmmm.

On another shopping note, I'm am still ruminating on my Old Navy shopping expedition. Racked with guilt, I've reviewed all purchases and was standing by my position that all purchases were "necessities for the girls" and difficult to duplicate by way of the thrift route...that is until I went to my favorite kids second hand shop. It's a franchise called "Once Upon a Child" with the closest location in Vacaville. Everytime I go there I'm surprised at the quality and quantity of name brand clothing, shoes, books, toys and baby equipment. Malia found some gifts for Phoebe for our Anniversary Gift Exchange which we were able to successfully hide from her (more about that soon!). There were plenty of tops that would have been fine for Phoebe under dresses etc. so I should have held out. After about sizes 4 or 5 the selection is pretty slim but Malia still found a few t-shirts for school. Dress clothes for her size was pretty much next to nil though so the frilly skirt (that, by the way is long enough for meetings!) is still a NO REGRET! I'm sorry J's, you were right. I've learned my lesson! I'm back on the wagon.


Juliana said...

I do have to say the girls looked pretty cute for the assembly. Is that her solar system project I see in the background? SOmetimes when I feel like "new" shopping I hold out the prospect of buying new makeup and it makes me feel all better again!

bobby thomas said...

making a solar system project Cool just 1 Q.
is she going to add Pluto as a planet or a Rock

Jessica said...

I love finding money on the ground. Malia's size is hard to find at the thrift. Try finding size 8 Slim boys meeting pants. Yikes. I'm gonna be at Old Navy for him before the year is out too :-)