Friday, February 19, 2010

Magazines! Jessica

It's really hard to not buy fluffy magazines. Thank you Justine for bringing me some older issues of In Style & Lucky magazines to mindlessly browse through, I will pass them on to Juli when I'm done. Much needed, especially now that we don't have cable. Am I crazy? A year without shopping plus NO TV???

This week has been slim on recipes from my cookbook. I also didn't hunt in the thrift for boys meeting clothes like I should have. But I did spend one afternoon at the park with the kids and got Ian addicted to Lego animation videos after we filmed this video together:

Ian & Anya Geddan Video from Jessica Bode on Vimeo.


bobby thomas said...

No TV that a good thing, love the Video

Justine said...

Disclaimer: Im not buying magazines this year either. I get some of my fluffy magazines from the library and the rest is from school fundraiser last year. Hey malia got a dollarstore pencil and eraser for making a sale. Yeah. That was worth it.

Juliana said...

Ian I am a little obsessed with stop motion videos too!

bobby thomas said...

yeah stop motion video is really Cool, Jessica you really did a great job on the Video