Monday, February 1, 2010

1 down 11 to Justine

January has come and gone! February will a test. Anniversary month. Joel wanted to know if I was buying his present at the Goodwill. He looked a little worried.

5 recipes down 161 recipes (yes, I finally sat down and counted them...twice)

0 paper coffee cups (well at least I did one part of this right)

Purchased new: non-disposable coffee cup, paint roller, roller pan, latex gloves for painting (well, that's what I thought I was buying. they're actually dishwashing gloves. that's what I get for "sneaking" them into my cart), sun hat and .50 plastic ring for my snorkle. I know, not so good for the first month although some of those may be considered consumable...yes?

Temptations Resisted: 50% off clothing sale at the dive shop, the craft store (Malia brought her own money!), Pier One Imports - Don't ask me what possesed me since I hadn't step foot in there in years but once I did was it tempting. Malia and I have a new favorite store! They even have a "Malia" chair and a "Lola" chair (pictured below). I loved the mirrored vanity. Get thee behind me Pier One.


Juliana said...

Lola sure would look cute in the "Lola" chair!

Jessica said...

We did decide the non-disposable cup purchase was ok for the year. And I think the paint roller, gloves and pan are pretty acceptable. I don't know that I'd be able to improvise on those things. You did good :-)

Justine said...

Whew! Thanks!

bobby thomas said...

Justine Happy Anniversary, is Pier One Imports in SR