Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A day with Pops...by Juli

Little Anya and I got to spend the day in the city with Pops. 
May I add that it was a nothing 'new day' in San Francisco...if you can believe that or not! 
We went to this great used bookstore at Fort Mason where I got a pinhole camera kit,
 thats right I bought something other than a book at a used bookstore.
 I don't like to read. 
Anya snatched up a few good books too, including one on how to take care of your teeth. 
We did find an AWESOME store called Sports Basement in the Presidio.
 It was the first time that I said to myself,
 "Self, we are coming back here January 1st!"
 I found some really cute shoes, lunch bags, tripods and a big rubber ball for Lola. 
I told Dad I really liked this store and he said,
 "Oh, let me buy you something"
 Oh, something new was so so so close to my finger tips, 
but I refused the offer....maybe next time pops!
Jessica I now know that Anya will not let you get away with buying anything new.
She kept telling me,
 "Were just looking, 'cuz we can't buy anything new!"


Jessica said...

Is the Sports Basement store new stuff? Sporty stuff? Yes, the whole world would know if I bought something new. Anya is very aware of what can and cannot be purchased!

Jessica said...

Also, what's a pinhole camera kit and I think you just need to get the right book!

Juliana said...

Ok, Sports Basement has outdoor clothes, equipment, shoes like: Keens and UGGS, swimsuits, etc. Like a giant funner REI. Plus I think the prices are very slightly discounted. A pinhole camera is a small camera that you put film in and it has a tiny tiny hole that pretty much burns the photo onto the film, not batteries or anything. There can be no light other than the pinhole or else it exposes the film. I will have to show it to you. I can't wait to try it!!