Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lamb baked on Figs & Fennel and Baked Jessica

So I've taken a little cookbook break and I'm back with a renewed vigor. Last night I made Lamb baked with Figs & Fennel (actually incorrect because Shelton's didn't have I used dates) and Baked Risotto with asparagus and lemon (incorrect again, I used green beans because that's what I had in my fridge). The recipe for the lamb was actually supposed to be a rack of lamb BUT I had a lamb shank so I decided to use it and braise it instead of roast it.

I know I have problems following recipes! I've told you all this before!

Anyhow, braising the leg of lamb seemed to take out all the gamey-ness and it tasted almost like a pork roast. It braised for about 3 hours and it was pretty tender. The dates completely dissolved into the braising juice (which by the way I had to add a bottle of white wine to the recipe also, otherwise it wouldn't have been liquid-y enough to braise). I've never made risotto before, and this was super easy...just add the ingredients into a casserole dish, cover and bake!

Yes I do realize that I completely re-worked the recipe and I may feel enough guilt to do this one over.

Please admire by favorite thrift store find of the month. Green casserole dish. $4

The picture is also incorrect; it's showing the chicken I added to the pot along with the lamb shank. Since we're talking about chicken...Rocky Jr. whole chickens are on sale at Big John's, 99 cents a pound.
Go on Trev, Jus, Neil, Juli, Mike & Trin...laugh at me.

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