Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pancakes for Dessert?!?....by Juli

I don't know what my chef is thinking when it comes to dessert. Whole wheat, millet, groats and dried fruit are just NOT ingredients to a good dessert! Like I said before, I am a dessert snob. Anyways I made Pancakes with Millet "dessert" for dinner....If you know me you know that I detest mornings and I relish in not waking up early. Therefore I make breakfast for dinner sometimes. What to say about this recipe....Well the first pancake was good smothered in butter, syrup, blueberries and whip cream. But when you tried to down the second one, it reminded me of that groat custard I made before, it makes you stop and think, "Why does this lady insist on making every dessert healthy by adding some random grain that weighs it down and makes you gag a little?" So, for a healthy breakfast...go for it. But for dessert, go scoop yourself some ice cream for Pete's sake!

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bobby thomas said...

breakfast for dinner sometimes. right on Julie
healthy dessert hmmm