Friday, May 28, 2010

Glowsticks? Jessica

So I guess everyone makes there own little traditions when you go camping. Some people remember the smores, some people remember the hikes. Well, apparently for Ian the one thing that makes camping camping is GLOWSTICKS. So yesterday we were off to get a few necessary items for camping and Ian had glowsticks on the list. We also needed to get him a pair of shoes and Anya some socks. Some necessary items I had to purchase new since Anya literally had no socks that fit her feet and Ian's shoes were once again falling apart.

I told him
on the car ride that I didn't even think I should buy glowsticks because that would be buying something new. He said "Mom, the light goes gets all used up. It's consumable! It's okay to buy. Besides it's for me and Anya, it's not for you. It's OK."

Imagine his disappointment when we got to the store and all the glowsticks were sold. Not a one to be found in the whole place. So he's disappointed but at least I'm not feeling guilty about buying them! And I do have to agree with Justine in one of her previous posts, that it's hard not to buy new things when you go on the first camping trip of the year. You kind of forget the things that you typically buy every year for a camping trip. I had to settle on being happy with my mosquito repellent and baked beans purchases.

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bobby thomas said...


“Ian's shoes were once again falling apart”

Two words my friend duct tape, and it comes in all Kinds of colors to. Ah the memory’s

love his Reply to on the glowsticks, that's to bad they were out there great to have