Monday, May 3, 2010

Love May Flowers...Hate Juli

I am so so so excited about May! I have a baby vegetable garden that will soon mature into my own organic haven! So far I have strawberries, tons of tomatoes, green beans, crook neck squash, zucchini,cantelope,onions,
basil, cilantro, tyme and oregano. 
With all that planted you would think I would be satisfied, but now I am tempted to getsome lettuce and more strawberries. We'll see... I always seem to bite off more than I can chew!

As for April I cooked 8 recipes....7 of which were in the last week in a half. And I have to admit that they were all pretty good! I have lost track of how many more I need to do, but it's probably around 100-110 more. So I better get cookin'!

Anything new?.....hmmm
....I think we
(Kit & I) bought a new spray nozzle for our hose and a push broom (things I did try to find used). And I have to admit that I did by a new collar for Lola. It's hard to find a nice clean used collar big enough to fit a mini elephant. I was too impatient and cheap to by homemade, so good 'ol Walmart tempted me. Dog collar...woohoo...! April did bring my best used finds, a brand new iron, a Kitchen Aid food processor, a canon digital camera, and a Starbucks coffee maker with two travel mugs. I totally scored and now I have no excuse to sip a latte from a paper cup while sitting in wrinkly clothes! By the way, last Friday we had friends over and I didn't use a single paper product! Sure I had to wash glasses mid-way, but there was so little waste! Especially now that the Castro's have tortuses and a compost bin I am not even wasting kitchen scraps! Don't worry people, I promise I will always have toilet paper....
I am not about the give up that!
Pictures are from the "new" camera

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