Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Okay, okay! Stop Raining! Justine

Phoebe rolls out of bed one April morning, takes one look out the window and says just that "Okay, okay! Stop raining!" Boy did she have that right! I have to say she did enjoy jumping in the puddles. I loved watching her...from a distance. Let's hope May brings us some warm, dry (dare I add non-windy?!) weather.

April was a good bargain/thrift hunting month! I started out the month with a real hankering to run out and buy up Target with goodies for our first camping trip in our trailer (aka. Tray-Lee). But I restrained and managed to score at garage and estate sales. Pots and pans, paper plates, BBQ tools, storage baskets, camping chairs. I have a few more things that I'd like but I will be patient. I think I may have to break down and buy some good, warm sleeping bags for the girls. The Princess and Strawberry Shortcake ones just aren't gonna cut it anymore. And I'm sorry but for some reason used sleeping bags ick me out. Kinda like used flip flops. Which, by the way, I did buy a new pair. Sorry. Had to do it. I certainly don't want anyone to have to use my old stinky ones, nor do I want to wear anyone elses.

My search for free or used things also brought me to this great FREE photo editing software which I used to edit the photo of Phoebe. I'm proud of myself because usually I make Joel or Rachel do my photo editing for me because I don't have the patience to learn myself. Hey, I know. It's baby steps.


Juliana said...

Hey what is the photo editing software? I love the yellow rain boots!

Justine said...

Juli - It's called "GIMP"

Mirjam de Rijk said...

Cute picts!

bobby thomas said...

"Okay, okay! Stop raining!" im with her on that one cool i will look in to that