Saturday, May 8, 2010 Jessica

I'm not a big shopper.

But yesterday I got the urge to go to the mall like never before.

And I almost felt like crying.



Juliana said...

Suggestion: Go to the downtown Macy's and treat yourself to some new fancy makeup. I did that about a week ago and it was awesome! I did have to go to macy's for a bridal shower gift and it was sooo hard! The sales were just too good. But I can do it!!! Hey another suggestion, lets plan a big SF goodwill day...soon!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Good suggestion :-)
Mom asked when we're having a girl a SF goodwill day needs to be planned!!

Justine said...

Just last week I was thinking the same thing!!! Whoa.

Juliana said...

Ok, so when are we going?!?! I guess it would have to be on the weekend since we all work now.