Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Simmered Tomato & Basil Chicken and Baked Risotto with Bacon & Jessica

Both of these are good quick tasty recipes. I've made the asparagus & lemon risotto previously, but I think this one might be better (duh, cause it's got bacon in it!). The chicken was good too! Full of things that my children will eat...chicken: check!...tomatos sauce:....check!..... olives: check!.....parmesan cheese: check! So not only is it tasty but the fact that I don't have to see any child gag moves this recipe way up in my list of favs.

My hubby also brought me home a present. A nice shiny new glossy magazine, flowers, champagne & a chocolate orange. How nice is that??? And I think the best thing about it is he knew if he brought home a food magazine I'd be a little ugh-ish, if he brought home an In Style I'd be sad because I couldn't buy anything! Oprah mag was a perfect choice.


Juliana said...

AWWWWW! That's sweet...good job Zac!

Justine said...

That is sweet. Gonna have to forward this post to Joel...He doesn't know he's out of the loop...May was "buy your wife a present month".