Monday, May 17, 2010

Thrifting Jessica

There's no way that we could do this project if we didn't love thrift shopping. There aren't very many people we know who could do a marathon thrift store shopping event like the one we did on saturday. San Francisco is full of wonderful thrift stores but you've got to brace yourself for a different type of shopping experience than you may have ever encountered. We like to laugh about one time that we were at an unusually grubby goodwill and a homeless man overheard us calling each other by our names and proceeded to call out through the store "Juli.....Juli......Juli". Kind of disturbing, kind of funny. Anyhow, this trip didn't disappoint, we found some great stuff and had some great laughs. Juli had said she wanted to find a dress form and at the next store we went into we found one for her. Not exactly what she was looking for though! And, of course, we always have to arrange all of our shopping trips with where we want to eat next; food is very important!


Juliana said...

I think I should always have my picture taken next to an oversized dress form...makes me feel trim and slim!

Jessica said...

I still can't believe that dress form was $650!!!