Saturday, June 26, 2010

First Time in Macy's in 6 Jessica

Macy's and I haven't spent any time together this year. None. I haven't set foot in one for SIX MONTHS! I felt like hyperventilating when I went in there. Too many choices! These shoes really wanted to come home with me. But Juli said I'd probably break my ankle in them anyways and she's right.

I didn't tempt myself with spending too much time looking at unapproved items; it really is far too torturous. But I do have to say that I started to get a panicky feeling; I felt like I was spinning in circles and had an anxious feeling like I'd spent too long in the store and needed to quickly find something....ANYTHING to have made my trip worthwile. I haven't felt that feeling in six months. And in my frenzy, I bought some lip gloss because I knew it was approved and I'd been in the store too long to come home empty handed.

What a stupid feeling!

I mean, really? If I haven't found what I'm looking for...why do I feel the need to BUY? I'm thinking I might be physically unable to shop retail ever again.

And the lip was totally an unnecessary purchase. I have about 8 different lip glosses in pretty full conditions. I think that (for me) makeup purchases that are necessary should be makeup that I have run out of, not just the lip gloss I buy because I can't buy anything else in the store. So yeah, I feel like I cheated today and I don't feel good about it.

But, in case you're wondering, I'm wearing that lip gloss tomorrow and probably every day this summer and I'll be lurking on ebay to find some Black Gladiator Studded Platform Sandals. Even though they make me look 4'7".

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Juliana said...

I do have to say that those shoes were really cute! Did you end up buying any of the stuff you tried on?