Saturday, July 10, 2010

Convention and end of Justine

Just a few pics to share...

As we were unpacking at our Hotel on Thursday night before the convention I realized I forgot to bring a cooler small enough to fit under our chair. Fortunately we were right across from Target. Here's Joel modeling it for us and also carrying every other thing we brought to the convention (Sorry it's so blurry!)So a few other purchases were made in light of the convention (no new clothes except for a shirt and tie for Joel). This little white board where you draw clothes on a mannequin girl (below) was thrashed and it keeps Phoebe busy for hours. So I've been trying to think of a way to replace it.

So I found a sort of replacement. I stretched out the purchase and photo copied the original paper doll girl and laminated it so that we could use dry erase pens. That way both the girls could have one and it was reusable!

So to recap June. Buying "nothing new" went pretty badly...most of which I've "confessed" already ;) Recipes was not bad. I haven't sat down and counted but I think its about 9.

Hopefully July will go a little better. Although I haven't cooked a thing from my book yet and a little necessary kid bribing has taken place. More on that later....

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Jessica said...

That doll dry-erase kept Anya really busy too! Thanks!