Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Costume Party Project Supporter "J"eni

We just received this email from our friend Jeni!
We love the support and these outfits are GREAT; your kids looked adorable!
   Just wanted to pass on my story so that the "J's" will
know that the
project has inspired others!

When the kids wanted to go to the dress up party as Jessie &
from Toy Story, I decided that I would try my best to buy
nothing new
while putting their costumes together. I hunted on
ebay for several
days & found brown cowboy boots for Ella & a
yellow plaid shirt for
Ryan. My Mom said she had a red bandana
and would mail it to us. With
those on their way, I stopped in at
Sprout and couldn't believe my
eyes when I saw a red & white
western shirt - in the right size no
less - perfect for "Jessie".
Over to the antique store across the
parking lot - where I found
a plain red hat and a black kids cowboy
hat (I know Woody's hat
is brown, but the black one was $5! Good
enough, right?). Ella
complained that the red hat didn't have any
white on it, but I
kept telling her that I would fix that. I searched
through my stash
of ribbons & added a white ribbon around the hat.
remembered how my Dad had sent me a little bag that was
with yards & yards of white shoelace ribbon. So I punched
holes around
the hat & threaded the shoelace thru to add the
white lacing.

The hardest pieces to find were the cowprint vest and chaps - in
little kid sizes - kind of too specific to find on ebay or at an
antique store (although at that antique store I fell in love with a
pair of leather chaps in my size with fringe all the down the sides -
how do you girls stay focused in those stores that have so much to
look at?). So I decided it might be okay to "craft" those pieces and
off to the fabric store I went to find cowprint fabric. It was
actually a lot of fun to sew clothes, since I usually only sew home
decor kind of stuff. Other than a big belt for Ryan at Goodwill, the
rest of the costumes came out of their closets (so glad I bought
those cowboy rain boots last winter!). Oops - I did end up
something new - the little sheriff badge - found a pack of
badges at
the dollar store. I tried my best tho! :)

Here's some pics - and thanks for the inspiration!!! It's been so fun
following your project!


Juliana said...

Awesome!!! Good job! The kids look adorable!!

Justine said...

Jeni, I just stumbled on your post and realized I never said what a great job you did! YOU inspire US!