Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not much cooking going Jessica

You ever go through phases where you just don't feel like cooking dinner?

I know everyone does.

And it just seems like that phase is never going to end and you wonder when that desire to feed your family will come back to you. I told Zack that I didn't know what to feed "you people" for dinner and apparently it came out a little sassier than I meant. I meant to say "us people" cause I like to eat dinner too.

Well, anyways...that's why my recipe posting has been slim. I haven't cracked the Donna Hay cookbook in many days. I hope the desire comes back to me soon, I really do.

What we did today instead of think about what to cook for dinner, was take a walk into town for a scavenger hunt. I made a pretty large list and we nearly found them all. Here's the proof:

A House with a Green Door

A Yellow Flower & Red Flower Next to each other

A Small House

Someone Wearing a Hat

A Mail Truck

A UPS Truck

Someone wearing Red Shoes

Someone working on a Computer (staged photo)

A White Picket Fence

Someone Pushing A Stroller

Someone Eating Pizza

A Yellow Car

Someone Talking on the Phone AND Someone Drinking Coffee (Two in One!)

Someone Sleeping (staged!)

Someone Acting Goofy (we decided showing off could be considered goofy)

Someone Riding A Bike

Someone Walking a Dog

A Store with Bells on the Door

Something Funny (which ended up being US!)

An Airplane was on the list and we did take a photo of a Helicopter...but somehow we lost the photos.

We did not find:

Someone Holding $5
A House with a Beware of Dog Sign
Someone Playing Football, Baseball or Frisbee
Someone that we know

A fun (free) thing to do!


Juliana said...

Sounds fun! I will have to keep that in mind for when I watch them...tomorrow!

charityc said...

what a good idea!! Gotta remember that one.....