Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The bowl I Jessica

While in NYC we went to the Brooklyn Flea Market. What's that like? Well, it's like a huge overpriced* garage / craft sale with really good food vendors. I wish I could have eaten everything they offered and purchased one of everything I saw.

What I've still been thinking about and wanting was this super huge, heavy bowl:

I think it would be the perfect fruit bowl. Too bad it was about 30 pounds and we were already having luggage stuffing difficulties. Let's not even mention the fact that it was NEW.

I satisfied my buying urge with some delicious food. Please drool over my Oyster Po' Boy.

Yes, obviously I decided to get off of my pre-Nate show Lettuce & Water diet and indulge in some deep fried items. There's nothing like introducing real food back into your body after some healthiness with things like fried oysters and hot dogs.

*Overpriced by my standards greatly differs than many other human beings so I offer that as my Flea Market description disclaimer.


Juliana said...

That bowl was totally HANDMADE so you could have bought it! ...but it was a little over the weight limit and a little pricey as were a lot of things at the flea market...but i loved every inch or if it!!!!

bobby thomas said...

i know three very talented sister that can
make that for u