Thursday, October 28, 2010

We have an airdate!!!! Justine

Soon, we'll be done talking about our big adventure in NYC but until then here's a little more....

What was our trip like? Here's some things we loved and hated...

  • Loved: Being picked up at the airport and getting chauffeured to the hotel!

  • Hated: Leaving Santa Rosa at 4:30 am to make it to the airport. OH yeah and AIRPORT FOOD yuck!
  • Loved: Being picked up at the hotel and then escorted in to CBS Studios.
  • Hated: Waking up at 2:30 west coast time to make it there on time!

  • Loved: Finding our names on our "Green Room"
  • Hated: Finding only fruit and pastries in "Craft Services", not the promised bagels or PROTEIN?! What's with that? Do you want us to go into sugar shock on tv?!

  • Loved: Going to "Hair and Make-up"

  • Hated: Doing my own hair and makeup the next day

  • Loved: Watching the shoot from backstage

  • Hated: Being ONSTAGE!

Okay...not really "hated" but it was intimidating!

Just in case you think we are getting big heads over all this Nate hubbub I offer up these horrific pictures of us.

Nerve wracked before Santa Rosa field shoot...not that horrible of a pic...just wait....

Please remind me not to be such a dork

Some of us were a little more nervous than others!

If you want to see us further humiliate ourselves on The Nate Show, we believe our airdate is November 3, 2010. Check your local listing here.

One more so that you are reminded that we can look okay...and our friends look FABULOUS!

Thank you to our friends who let us film in their homes and came with us! I wish we could have taken all of our girlfriends!


Jessica said...

Oh man...I was SO nervous.

Henwood family said...

Neat to see the behind the scenes!