Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Delicious Justine

So a few weeks ago I found myself footloose and fancy free for a whole afternoon in San Francisco.

As you could predict my quandry was:

A) Where to eat?

and almost equally as important

B) Where to shop?

My car went on autopilot and drove me to practically the only restaurant I eat at when I'm in the City...Out the Door, Charles Pham's Vietnamese restaurant in the Westfield shopping center. Aahh yes, Garlic Glass Noodles with Crab AND fabulous shopping all in one place!

So as I'm walking to Out the Door, a new food counter catches my eye. It's oddly called "The Loving Hut". Yes. I know. It's Asian, which accounts for the odd name, I assume.

Get this, it is a Vegan Fast Food restaurant.Yes, that sounds potentially disasterous, doesn't it? Aahh, but it was not....

This is what I ate:

Wow! Look at the reflection of the shopping center's beautiful Dometop roof on my plate!

Mushroom {all different kinds of gourmet mushrooms!} Stirfry and Vegetarian Chowmein and of course, steamed rice. Oh Yum. Anyone care to start a Franchise location in MY town?!

In case you are curious, here's a link to the menu from the Chinatown location.

My next dilemma was where to shop. Normally, a whole afternoon to thrift would have been right up my alley but I just wanted to shop where everything smelled new and pretty. The bright, shiny lure of "new" was calling to me...actually it was SCREAMING. So I followed the sound to my favorite store "Anthropologie". I love walking in front of the store and seeing how the window is "dressed" that day. Sorry, I should have gotten a picture of that! With a little sadness though I have to say that I didn't even enjoy browsing. The inability to spend a penny in there just completely took the wind out of my sails.

To salve my tortured soul, I next went to my favorite oddly named Asian food joint. Beard Papa. And all was right in my little world again.

My lucky day...Strawberry filling was on the menu!


Juliana said...

My stomache just growled.....

Anonymous said...

looks good Justine, have you go to the Fog City Diner there good mmm

your Friend Bobby said...


Jessica said...

We need to find a thrift store close to the Westfield Shopping Center.