Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So I did an official recount of the # of recipes I've made. This weekend I made recipes 81-87.

Raspberry Cheesecake (no bake!)

French Baked Potatoes (kind of like scalloped without cheese or cream...very yummy!) and Braised Cabbage (these were accompanied by Guy Fieri's Spicy Cherry Ribs made by a friend. WOW! We ate like til we could eat no more!)

Posh Chopped Salad, Parmesan Chicken Breasts with Crispy Posh Ham (I put off making this because it didn't appeal but was pleasantly surprised) and Cauliflower Cheese

A little cheating on the salad...I had some help

I completely messed up on the Cauliflower Cheese recipe. This is what Phoebe thought of it...

In her words it was "bleh". Oh well next time I'll make it right!

Oh yeah and somewhere along the line I finally made the Tarte Tatin. I realized I was put off by the idea of making it with bananas as in the recipe so I switched it to pears. Delish!!

I have decided that cooking (and eating ahem) this much is diametrically opposed to my goal of losing a few pounds, especially since I've got quite a few desserts left to do. Guess I'll just have to exercise a little extra til I make recipes #'s 88-139. That's right 42 more recipes to go...39 days to do it in.

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so.........that was a 0 on the Phoebe scale