Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 In Jessica

January - Here we are on January 1, 2010 - looking so fresh and excited about our cookbooks. Who knew how much we would come to dread the sight of Jamie O, Donna Hay and anything Organically Simple.

February - Cancelled cable! Got a little creative

March - March was apparently pretty dull. Lots of recipes and trying to exercise more.

April - Clothing Swap! We need to do another one soon. Who's interested?

May - SF Thrift Store shopping day.
The "buying nothing new" was started to weigh on me and I felt like quitting.

June - We reached our half-way point and found out what The Boys Think.
My hatred of my cookbook is starting to culminate.

July - Big time project slump. Celebrated anniversary. Played a lot with the kids.

August -Mom & Dad's anniversary bash, Mikey & Sam's wedding...the urge to buy something new was almost unbearable.

September - the silly little 10 for 1 challenge that was supposed to just help motivate us a bit, ended up being the most talked about bit of the year.

October - Of course, Nate Month.

November - All about recipe catch-up and Nate show recuperation.

December - Project complete. Recipes all completed (yep I finished the final three today! We did have to eat fish 3 ways one night and a series of random meals...but I DID IT!!!!)
Shopping tomorrow! WOOO HOOO!


Jeni Perkins said...

Congrats Jess! I've read every post on your blog and have really enjoyed following your project and being inspired by you & your sisters. It's been a fun year! I'm looking forward to 2011 and the new "J Project" ideas to come! :)

Jessica said...

Thanks's been fun (sometimes!). ha ha

Anonymous said...

congrads jessica looks like u had lots of fun.


threebodes said...

It doesn't seem like all that much when you break it down into each month. ; )

Jessica said...

It really doesn't does it? You should try it. :-)