Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jubilee!!!! Justine

A very very long time ago.....

Little J: " So Middle J and I are vowing to not buy anything new for one whole year and will also cook approximately 150 recipes! Are you in?!"

Me: Silently "Um. Nooo." Outloud "I'm in."
Then after some thought "But I am shopping ONE DAY during the's called a Jubilee Day...the Saturday after Thanksgiving so that I can go to the SF Design Sample and Gift Sale!"

333 days later....

JUBILEE!!!!!! I had so much fun it I almost would vow not to shop for another whole year for the joy of shopping one crazy fun Jubilee Day....Yes. I said ALMOST. Here's a sneak look at some of the goodies I got.

Dishtowels (a much needed item!)

Warm, winter hat

Funky Shoes!

A shower, not really. It's a coat.

Wallet (near duplicate of my broken down one)

The SF Design Center Sample and Gift Sale is an annual event taking place Thanksgiving weekend. There is a huge assortment of items like cashmere scarves, jewelry, paper and leather goods, gift items, home accessories, housewares, toys, and clothing. Some of the vendors are wholesalers getting rid of their samples from the past season. Oh and by the way, it's across the street from Nordstrom Rack!

Mom's best deal. Her new WARM and BEAUTIFUL coat. She has such a trusting and likeable face, the vendor gave her his card and told her to send him the money when she didn't have enough cash!

I'm sorry if I was supposed to invite you to come with me. I was so involved the idea of finally shopping I forgot who asked me to include them this year! Let me know if you'd like to go next year I will compile a list and make sure you all know find out about it.


marcellagc said...

That was so much fun! The "crazy coat" guy had such great stuff! I'm glad the moms each found something so unique to bring home. :) Definitely in the "funky cute" category.
I can't believe you didn't post a full picture of those ADORABLE shoes that I am so jealous of! C'mon, they're not THAT wild! ;) I want to see how you're going to wear them...take a picture when you do!
It killed me that they only had two pairs of shoes were above a size 7. They were all so cute! I am looking into foot reduction surgery to prepare for next year. ;)

Jessica said...

So so so jealous. No matter what, I'm going next year. Can't wait to see the loot :-)

Anona said...

Me! I want to go!

Kelly said...

I definitely want to go. Never been before, but it would be worth saving money for the entire year, for a day at the SF Design Center :)