Saturday, December 11, 2010 Jessica

My mom had a cough for several weeks and got a reflexology treatment. A few days later the cough was gone. Coincidental? Maybe...probably. But, you know what? When you've had a cough for weeks and you hear that, you go out and get a reflexology treatment.

Well, anyway..that's what I did.

Those little Reflexology places are funny. First off, the Asian marketing plan is different than the USA plan. Standing in front of the door hawking at Americans to "come inside...feels nice" while pulling on your arm and ushering you onto their massage table is not the way Americans like to be advertised to. That's the way it is in other countries, so I've got to give the lady credit for trying so hard. I, like other Americans, like to look at the price list, kind of mull it over for a bit. She wouldn't let me mull.

Me: "Yes, I'd like a reflexology lungs are bad...hear (insert cough)"

Her: "Yes, yes I give good treatment, come in. You want one hour?"

Me: "No, no...just like 20 minutes"

Her: "No - Chinese Medicine not work unless it's 30 minute or more. You need an hour"

Me: "No, an hour is too long (reluctant pause - I hate being coerced) oookay.. 30 minutes is okay"

So began the Reflexology. And it was nice. Except I used the bathroom first and my ALWAYS rule is to never ever use the bathrooms in Asian run places. But I did, and I just had to close my eyes..(but not before I saw lots of buckets and so many used disposable gloves on the floor...why? I ask why? didn't I use the bathroom down the way). The problem with getting a relaxing service at the mall, is you have to sit and hear the annoying mall chatter "no, I told you that you can't go on the train again. I said NO. I said NO (big sigh and rattle of the Big Gulp) okay..but just ONE more time" and that can really get under your skin, but thankfully if someone is rubbing my feet, I'm able to tuck my brain into a dark little corner and shut all that annoying chatter out.

The foot rub was a little rough and by looking at the reflexology chart, she spent a lot of time on a really tender area labeled as the "diarrhea spot" so I am a little concerned about that. She also did spend a lot of time on the "lung" area of my foot which was also quite tender.

I'll keep you all posted on my cough disappearance.

I cooked 3 more recipes this week and I didn't buy anything new...except for two pairs of tights and some lip gloss. I have the shopping urge BAD so it would be wise if I'd steer clear of the mall for the next 20 days.

**p.s. I mean no disrespect to the Asian run places that keep their bathrooms clean and don't store a lot of weird stuff in them.**


bobby thomas said...

we have 2 Reflexology at ctm, did u go to the plaza's or CTM, i have never been to one

amara.sanchez said...

Ahhh, a true experience. I know exactly the lady you speak of. Besides the noise and how they reuse the same towels on the tables, this is a pretty cool spot. Love it when they try to check in with you on the pressure: “okay lady?” lol. The guys that do chair massage in front of Old Navy are pretty good too. Next time use the bathroom at Whole Foods ;)

Jessica said...

ha ha YES Amara "okay lady?" made me laugh too. I didn't get the pleasure of having a reused towel...but I did get some cozy paper towels wrapped around my foot. :-)

Jessica said...

And yes, Bobby I went to the Reflexology place at CTM.
Also, for those who care, my cough is still alive and kicking. In fact, last night I woke up coughing all night long (which drove my husband upstairs to sleep) but my mom says that it may get worse before it gets better.
Also, this may be TMI for many of you...but after the Reflexology treatment things got moved along and I had *ahem* more than the usual activity (remember the diarrhea spot?) So suffice it to say....the reflexology did do SOMETHING.

amara.sanchez said...

Ah haha! That’s awesome. I’m a massage therapist and I’ve had people ask me after a session “Do massages make you have to go? Cause I WENT!”
I’m with your Mom on it gets worse before it gets better. Sometimes it brings your symptoms on faster and stronger but the duration isn’t as long as it would have been with out the treatment : )