Saturday, December 11, 2010

Trudging Justine

November was a frantic recipe month. While I managed to make 15 recipes I still have too many left for December. I wasn't able to bring myself to make "Fish Pie" but rewarded myself with YUMMY "Thai Green Curry" instead. Thai is my absolute favorite food - combining flavors like lemongrass, coriander, ginger, soy and coconut milk. If you've never tried to cook it before this is an easy recipe to start with. I used to make my Thai Green Curry with a bottled curry paste but will rethink that now with this recipe. I will post it if anyone is interested.


Also on the menu this month was a recipe that anyone will consider the cop out of cop outs.
Here it is:

Yes. A fruit platter. That's it. And yes. I counted it as one of my 15 recipes.

I also made this delishousness:

Shrimp Avocado Salad with Marie Rose Dressing

One more picture I must share. This was from the famous Sacramento clothing swap. It documents Juli's first massage!

Slightly less relaxing than intended but way more entertaining!


Jessica said...

Wait, wait, wait....Juli's first massage? Juli, you must indulge more often. And was there a hole on the massage table? she had to LOOK at those kids during the massage?
I liked your use of the word "deliciousness" :-)

Juliana said...

Yes yes I know, my very first massage. 5 minutes, upper body only fully clothed. It was sooooo nice and I can see how a "real" massage would be so wonderful! Yes there was a hole for me to state down at two little giggling kids. It didn't help with the relaxing, but was funny!

bobby thomas said...

the food looks great,

Alakai's Place said...

That curry looks GOOD! I tried a few but Thai Curry is very unique. Thanks for sharing.